F.D.N.Y. Company Nicknames
By borough


  • A “Quartered With” Company in Italics designates that that company shares the same company nickname as the Engine
  • Multiple nicknames are listed when there is an uncertainty


Engine Co.      Nickname                                                       (Quartered With)

             “Can Do” or

                        “Emerald Isle”

E-202:             “Red Hook Raiders”                                         L-101, B-32

E-205:             “The Brooklyn Bridge Club” or                       L-118

                         “Under the Bridge”

E-206:             “The Gas House Gang”                                    Foam-86

E-207:             “Club Tillaryor                                                L-110, B-31, D-6, Maxi

                        “The Tillary Street Tigers”                                                     Water Unit

E-209:             “The Bedford Express”                                     L-102

E-210:             “Fort Green Bravest”

E-211:             “Victory Engine”                                               L-119

E-214:             “The Nut House”                                               L-111

E-216:             “Going Gets Tough” or                                     L-108, B-35

                        “The Pride of Williamsburg”

E-217:             “Bed Sty”

E-218:             “The BushwickBomberos

E-219:             “ Tines Plaza” or                                                L-105

                        “ Dean St”

E-220:             “Pride of Park Slope”                                         L-122

E-221:             “The South Side”                                                L-104

E-222:             “Triple Deuce”                                                    B-37, Rac-2

E-224:             “The Hick St. Hicks”

E-225:             “Faithful & Fearless”                                        L-107, B-39

E-226:             “Injun” or

                        “ Brooklyn Fire Water”

E-227:             “King of the Hill”

E-228:             “First at the Bush” or

                        “The Bush Wackers

E-229:             “The Mutha of All Engines” or                          L-146, Dry Chem

                        “The Mack Attack” or

                        “We Walk the Line”  

E-230:             “The Rat That Roared” or

                        “The Pride of Bed Sty”

E-231:             “The Pride of Brownsville” or                            L-120, B-44

                        “The Tradition Continues” or

                        “ Watkins Street”

E-233:             “To Hull and Back” or                                       L-176, Field Comm

                        “The Tin House”

E-234:             “ St. John’s Place East”                                      L-123, B-38

E-235:             “The Eye of Bed Sty”                                          B-57

E-236:             “The Pride of East New York”

E-237:             “Bushwick

E-238:             “Guardians of Greenpoint”                              L-106, Foam Tender

E-239:             “The Fourth Ave.Express

E-240:             “The Road Runners”                                        B-48

E-241:             “The 3rd Ave.Express”                                     L-109

E-242:             “Guardian of the Narrows”                            Rac-5, Dry Chem

E-243:             “The 18th Ave.Expressor                                L-168, B-42

                        “ 18th Ave.Expressos

E-245:             “The Fun House”                                              L-161, B-43

E-246:             “Hell in the Bay”                                               L-169

E-247              “40 Heaven” or                                                 Thaw-64

                        “Hot Stuff”

E-248:             “Heart of Flatbush” or                                      B-41


E-249:             “ Camp Rogers Rats” or                                    L-113

                        “The Rat House”

E-250:             “The Parkville Eagles” or ” Foster Ave.”

E-252:             (No Nickname)

E-253:             “Bensonhurst’s Bravest”

E-254:             “The Watchdogs” or                                         L-153

                        “The Watchdogs of Ave. U”

E-255:             “The Jolly Rogers”                                             L-157

E-257:             “Canarsie’s Bravest”                                         L-170, B-58

E-271:             “Himrod Hose Heads”                                      L-124, B-28

E-276:             “The Highway”                                                  L-156, B-33

E-277:             “The Ant Farm” or                                           L-112

                        “The House of Pain”

E-279:             “The Happy Hookers”                                      L-131

E-280:             “ St. John’s Place” or                                        L-132

                        “The Eye of the Storm”

E-281:             “Da Pride of Flatbush”                                    L-147

E-282:             “Fighting the Red Devil” or                             L-148

                        “ItAin’t Easy”

E-283:             “ Brownsville”                                                    D-7

E-284:             “Castle on the Hill”                                          L-149, Sat-3

E-290:             “The Pride of Sheffield Ave.”                           L-103

E-309:             “The Friendly Firehouse”                                L-159

E-310:             “The Lords of Flatbush” or                             L-174

                        “ Snyder Island or “The Snyder Express”

E-318:             “The Kings of Neptune”                                    L-166

E-321:             “Going to Blazes” or                                         Foam-87

                        “Charging In”

E-323:             “Fully Involved”

E-330:             “ Garfield”                                                         L-172

E-332:             “Time Where”                                                   L-175

Ladder Co.     Nickname                  

L-105:             “Nobody’s Perfect”                                          E-219

L-106:             “The Tiller Truck”                                           E-238, Foam Tender

L-114:             “Tally Ho”

L-119:             “The Lions of Hooper St.”                               E-211

L-120:             “The Tower of Brownsville”                            E-231, B-44

L-124:             “The Tonka Truck”                                          E-271, B-28 

L-146:             “Ace In The Hole” or                                       E-229, Dry Chem

                        “The Thunderbolts”

L-172:             “The Hulk”                                                       E-330

L-175:             “East New York Trucking Co.”                      E-332

L-176:             “The Tin House Truck”                                  E-233, Field Comm.

Squad 1:          “The Only One”

Squad 252:      “In Squad We Trust”

Rescue 2:       “The Bulldog”

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Engine Co.      Nickname                                                       (Quartered With)

E-251:             “The Last Outpost”

E-258:             “Big Apple Firefighters”                                    L-115

E-259:             “ Tombstone Territory”                                     L-128, B-45

E-260:             “ Long Island City Lightning”                          Foam-81

E-261:             “The Flaming Skulls”                                         L-116

E-262:             “The River Rats”                                                Decon

E-263:             “The Road Runners”                                         L-117

E-264:             “The Big House”                                                E-328, L-134

E-265:             “Best of the Beach”                                           L-121

E-266:             “ Holland House”                                              B-47

E-268:             “The Beach House”                                           L-137

E-273:             “The Mouse House”                                          L-129

E-274:             “The Orient Express”                                        B-52

E-275:             “ Merrick Blvd.Magic”                                       L-133

E-285:             “Blazing Saddles” or                                         L-142

                        “ Ozone Park

E-286:             “The Glendale Gypsies” or                               L-135

                        “The Myrtle Turtles”

E-287:             “The Grand Ave.Gorillasor                             L-136

                        “The ElmhurstEagles

E-288:             “The Maspeth Mutts”                                       Haz-Mat

E-289:             “The Corona Tigers”                                         L-138

E-291:             “ Ridgewood Border Patrol”                              L-140

E-292:             “The Winfield Cougars”                                    R-4

E-293:             “The Woodhaven Wildcats”                             Thaw-65

E-294:             “El’s Angels”                                                      L-143

E-295:             “We Cover Across” or                                       L-144

                        “The Whitestone Eagles”

E-297:             “Sleepy Hollow” or                                            L-130

                        “Pride of the Point”

E-298:             “The Hillside Hilton” or                                   L-127, B-50

                        “The Hillside Hurricanes”

E-299:             “The Utopia Express”                                       L-152

E-301:             “The Hollis Hogs” or                                        L-150

                        “Knights of Fire”

E-302:             “Top Guns” or                                                   L-155

                        “The Viper’s Nest”

E-303:             “The Princeton Street Tigers”                          L-126

E-304:             “Border Patrol”                                                  L-162

E-305:             “Pride of the Hills” or                                        L-151

                        “DemDa Hills”

E-306:             “The Bayside Bulls”

E-307:             “Hang On We’re Coming” or                            L-154

                        “The Jackson Heights Knights”

E-308:             “Semper Paratusor                                         B-51

                        “ItAin’t Easy Being Single”

E-311:             “The Swamp Dogs”                                            L-158

E-312:             “Hellgate Firefighters”                                       B-49

E-313:             “The End of the Rainbow”                                L-164

E-314:             “On The Edge”

E-315:             “ Clown College”                                                L-125

E-316:             “Land, Sea & Air”

E-317:             “ St. Albans Sleepless Knights”                        L-165, B-54

E-319:             “The Lone Wolf”

E-320:             “Kings of Queens”or                                         L-167

                        “The Patriots”

E-324:             “Queen’s Burros”                                              Sat-4


E-325:             “Stairway to Heaven” or                                  L-163

                        “The Woodside Warriors”

E-326:             “Taj Mahalor                                                 L-160, B-53

                        “The Springfield Express”

E-328:             “The Big House”                                               E-264, L-134

E-329:             “Caddy Shack”                                                 Manifold Wagon

E-331:             “ Cross Bay Flukes”                                         L-173

Ladder Co.     Nickname                                                       (Quartered With)

L-117:             “The Sponges”                                                 E-263

L-136:             “The Grand Ave.Eagles”                                 E-287, B-46

L-163:             “The Pride of Woodside”                                 E-325

Squad 270:      “ Queens Marines” or                                       

                        “ Richmond Hill Raiders” or

                        “Strictly Business”

Rescue 4:       “Popeye”

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Engine Co.      Nickname                                                       (Quartered With) 

E-1:                 “Midtown Express”                                           L-24

E-3:                 “The Pride of Chelsea”                                     L-12, B-7, Hi-Rise

E-4:                 “Wall Street Bulls”                                            L-15,Decon

E-5:                 “ 14th Street Express”

E-6:                 “Beekman Tigers”

E-7:                 “Duane Manor” or “MagnificentSeven”        L-1, B-1    

E-8:                 “Eight Ball”                                                       L-2, B-8

E-9:                 “Dragon Fighters”                                             L-6, Sat-1

E-10:               “10 House” or                                                    L-10

                        “Perfect 10” or

                        “Bulls & Bears”

E-14:               “Sweet 14”      

E-15:               “Tug Boat”

E-16:               “ Madison Square Eagles”                             L-7

E-18:               “ Wild West Village”

E-21:               “The 21 Club”

E-22:               “The Pride of Yorkville”                                 L-13, B-10

E-23:               “The West Side Tigers”

E-24:               “Red Rover”                                                     L-5, D-1

E-26:               “The Killer Bees” or                                        

                        “The Bat Cave”

E-28:               “LosBomberos”                                                 L-11

E-33:               “Bowery U”                                                        L-9

E-34:               “38th Street Mutts” or                                       L-21

                        “Hell’s Kitchen”

E-35:               “Still First”                                                        L-14

E-36:                “ Harlem Hose Trotters”

E-37:               “Heart of Harlem All The Way”                      L-40

E-39:               “The Giant” or                                                  L-16

                        “Fidus et Auday

E-40:               “The Opera Fans”                                            L-35

E-44:               “Fighting Forty Four”

E-47:               “First Due at the U”

E-53:               “El Barrios Bravest”                                          L-43, Rac-1

E-54:               “The Pride of Midtown” or                               L-4, B-9                           
                         “Never Missed a Performance”                               

E-55:               “Little Italy” or                                                  B-2

                        “Cinquenta Cinque

E-58:               “The Fire Factory”                                            L-26  

E-59:               “The Harlem Zoo”                                            L-30

E-65:               “Midtown’s Most Wanted”

E-67:               “The Pride of the Heights”

E-69:               “The Harlem Hilton”                                         L-28, B-16

E-74:               “The Lost World”

E-76:               “From Harlem to the Hudson”                          L-22, B-11, Thaw-61

E-80:               “The Vinegar Hill Gang”                                    L-23

E-84:               “Where HarlemReaches the Heights”               L-34

E-91:               “Spanish Harlem” or

                        “Say No More”

E-93:               “We Cross the Bridge”                                       L-45, B-13

E-95:               “The Last Stop”                                                  L-36, Foam-88

Ladder Co.     Nickname                                                       (Quartered With)

L-2:                 “Snoopy”                                                            E-8, B-8

L-3:                 “Recon”or                                                          B-6

                        “ West Point”

L-5:                 “Stuffy”                                                                E-24, D-1

L-7:                 “The Pride of Madison Square”                        E-16

L-8:                 “The SmokeBusters”

L-11:               “Lucky Eleven”                                                   E-28   

L-12:               “Fighting the Devil”                                          E-3, B-7

L-14:               “Forever Faithful” or                                        E-35, B-12

                        “ Super Tower

L-15:               “High Rise Roof Team”                                    E-4, Decon     

L-16:               “Gold Coast”                                                     E-39

L-18:               “ Fort Pitt”                                                        B-4

L-20:               “SoHo Trucking Co.”                                       Amb-4

L-24:               “The Raging Bulls” or                                      E-1

                        “Say No More”

L-25:               “10-75”or                                                         D-2


L-34:               “Knights of the Heights”                                 E-84

L-36:               “The Pride of Inwood”                                    E-95, Foam-88

L-40:               “The Heart of Harlem” or                              E-37

                        “Life Begins at 40”

L-45:               “ Washington Bridge”                                     E-93, B-13

Rescue 1:       (No Nickname)

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Engine Co.      Nickname                                                       (Quartered With)

E-38:               “The Occupied North Bronx”                           L-51

E-41:               “The Best of Both Worlds”

E-42:               “Da OK Corral”

E-43:               “Best in the West” or                                        L-59

                        “Sedgewick Slashers

E-45:               “The Eagles”                                                     L-58, B-18

E-46:               “Cross Bronx Express”                                     L-27

E-48:               “The Fordham House”                                     L-56, D-4

E-50:               “Just Passing Through”                                   L-19, B-26

E-52:               “Riverdale”                                                        L-52

E-60:               “Green Berets”                                                  L-17

E-61:               “PlugUglies”                                                     B-20

E-62:               “The Gun Hill Gang”                                       L-32

E-63:               “Top of the Bronx”or                                       B-15

                        “ Bronx Border Blaze Busters”

E-64:               “The Castle Hill Gang”                                    L-47

E-66:               “The Co-Op Crew”                                          L-61

E-68:               “The House on the Hill”                                  L-49

E-70:               “ Fantasy Island”                                             L-53

E-71:               “The War Wagon”                                           L-55, D-3

E-72:               “Never a Dull Moment”                                   Sat-2

E-73:               “The Elephant House” or                                 L-42

                        “La Casa Del Elephante

E-75:               “The Animal House”                                         L-33

E-79:               “Da Bronx Bravest”                                           L-37, B-27


E-81:               “ Bailey Ave Bombers”or                                  L-46

                        “Da Pride of Kingsbridge”

E-82:               “La Casa Grande”                                             L-31

E-83:               “Da Bums on Da Hill”                                      L-29

E-88:               “First Due at the Zoo”                                      L-38

E-89:               “The Cuckoos Nest”                                          L-50

E-90:               “90 Proof”                                                         L-41

E-92:               “Popeye South Bronx”                                      L-44, B-17

E-94:               “Hunts Point Devils”                                        L-48, B-3

E-96:               “ New York’s Bravest”                                      L-54, Foam-82

E-97:               “The Astor Hilton”                                           Thaw-62

Ladder Co.     Nickname                                                       (Quartered With)

L-39:               “Thriller Tiller” or

                        “The Pride of Woodlawn”

L-52:               “The Red Devils”                                              E-52

L-55:               “Not To Worry”                                               E-71, D-3

L-56:               “Fordham U”                                                    E-48, D-4

L-58:               “The Fire Hogs”                                               E-45, B-18

L-59:               “The Blue Devils”                                             E-43

L-61:               “The Bronx Vikings”                                         E-66

Rescue 3:       “Big Blue”

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Engine Co.      Nickname                                                       (Quartered With)

E-151:             “South Shore Pride”                                          L-76

E-152:             “The Eye of the Hurricane” or                          B-21, Foam-83

                        “TheRosebank Hurricanes”

E-153:             “On the Waterfront”                                          L-77

E-154:             “Splendor in the Grass”                                    Foam-84

E-155:             “The Hot Corner”                                               L-78

E-156:             “The Best of Broadway” or

                        “The Broadway Express”

E-157:             “Cougar Country”                                              L-80

E-158:             “Harbor Knights”

E-159:             “We Do It All”                                                    Sat-5

E-160:             “The Hillbillies”                                                 R-5, D-8, Tac-2

E-161:             “The Beach Boys”                                             L-81, Brush-501

E-162:             “The Harbor View Boys” or                             L-82, B-23, Brush-502

                        “Shore Patrol”

E-163:             “Covering the Corners”                                    L-83

E-164:             “Heat” or                                                           L-84

                        “Huguenot Engine & Truck”

E-165:             “White Lightning”                                            L-85, Thaw-63

E-166:             “RAF”                                                                L-86, Brush-506

E-167:             “Fire & Heat” or                                              L-87, Foam-85

                        “Fire & Ice”

Ladder Co.     Nickname                                                       (Quartered With)

L-79:               “ North Shore Truckin’”                                    B-22

L-86:               “The Eagles”                                                       E-166, Brush-506

Rescue 5:       “Blue Thunder”

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